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When Is It Time to Change Careers?

Changing careers can be daunting, and it’s not always easy, especially if you’re well established in your current career. However, it’s a necessary step for many in the working world. Let’s take a look at five ways to know that it’s time for you to change careers.

You’ve Lost Interest in Your Work

When you’ve completely lost interest in the work you do, it may be time for a change. Of course, everyone gets bored occasionally, and it’s unrealistic to expect that every workday provides maximum stimulation — with that being said, you shouldn’t feel that way every time you step into your place of employment. Once your work stops entertaining or inspiring you, it might be time to look elsewhere!

You Dread Coming to Work

Do you dread going into work every day? Do you feel anxiety setting in on Sunday nights as you start thinking about what awaits you in the morning? No one should have to dread going to work, so if you have nothing but negative thoughts and emotions regarding your career, it’s definitely time to switch things up.

You’re Only There for Money

When you take a step back and think about it, are you only continuing in your current career because of the paycheck? Or do you genuinely like what you do and feel that you’re contributing something meaningful to the world? There’s no question that you need the paycheck to live on and support yourself and your family, but there should be a balance — it’s entirely possible to make the money you need while enjoying your career!

You’re Jealous of Others’ Careers

Do you find yourself thinking about the careers of friends or family members and wondering why you can’t be in a similar situation? Do you daydream about other professions and what it would be like to work in them? Don’t ignore these feelings — they’re good indicators that you, in fact, want to change careers and do something different.

Your Body is Warning You

Sometimes, job and career dissatisfaction can manifest itself in physical ways. A lack of energy, muscle tensions and back pain, headaches… physical pain like this might mean that your body is telling you it’s time to get out. You’ll be amazed at the difference a fresh start can make — not only for your mind, but your body as well.

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