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Why Aren’t You Getting the Job Candidates You Want?

Employers that post job openings and fail to get any substantial results often overlook two key factors.  Candidates often decide whether or not to apply based on (a) what they learn (or don’t learn) from your posting; (b) how difficult the actual application process is. If your job postings aren’t generating the quality candidates you want, consider these common recruitment mistakes:


Poor and vague presentation

Seasoned job-seekers draw conclusions about a company based solely on what they read in the job description. A poorly written or insufficiently detailed posting suggests a lack of attention to process on the part of the organization. Qualified candidates are unlikely to respond with much enthusiasm to a generic job description.

Is the job title in your ad something that’s unique to your business? If so, the best people may be clicking right past it, seeking a more common title.

Does the post say “great benefits” and nothing else? What about salary range? “Competitive” and “industry standard” mean different things to different people. Consider providing a salary range to pique job-seekers’ interest.

The more information you provide, the greater the odds the right people will respond.

Difficult or broken application process

Studies show that up to 35 percent of candidates applying for a position online don’t complete the process. Either the “Apply Now” link is broken or the application process is so lengthy and complicated that candidates simply get frustrated and quit.

By adding steps in the application process to weed out unqualified candidates, you might also be discouraging the people you want to apply.

Remember: In the eyes of job-seekers, your job posting represents your business. A sloppy or unprofessional presentation turns people off. Rightly or wrongly, they assume it reflects the quality of life within the organization.

Little or no online presence

Just as recruiters scour the Web for information about prospective hires, so job-seekers hunt for information about the business with the open position. Without an online presence – including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – no one can get a sense of who you are, the type of company culture you have, anything that might encourage them to take that all-important next step: Clicking “Apply Now” and completing the application process.

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