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Why Now is the Perfect Time to Survey Employees

At first thought, it might seem like a bad idea to survey your employees right now. You might be afraid that you’ll receive nothing but complaints and negativity as your employees continue to navigate these tough economic times. But the truth is that taking employee surveys during tough times, including the current situation, is extremely valuable.

Here’s why surveying employees is so valuable:  

You’ll receive honest feedback. 

Timing is essential when it comes to administering employee surveys. If you conduct a survey shortly after holiday bonuses have been handed out, for example, you’re likely to get some skewed results. But conducting a survey when everything isn’t in perfect shape means that you’ll get real, honest feedback. And that’s good for your company as a whole.  

You’ll discover issues you may not have been aware of otherwise.  

Let’s face it: employees aren’t likely to come up and tell you everything that’s on their minds. Employee surveys are important for gauging satisfaction levels at any time, but especially during tough periods. And it allows you to discover issues in your workforce that you may not have otherwise heard about, especially if you allow employees to submit the survey anonymously.  

You’ll measure how your company is weathering the pandemic.  

Administering a survey during the COVID-19 pandemic serves as a good barometer to measure how well your company is weathering the storm. You can look at the results and get a sense of how employees are feeling about your company right now. Do they feel that their livelihoods are secure? Do they think your company has the right safety measures in place? If you find a lot of answers that concern you, you know that something must change before employees start searching for other opportunities.  

You’ll show that you care. 

Administering employee surveys during the pandemic benefits management and the company in many ways, but it also benefits the employees directly. It shows that your company is concerned about their welfare as we navigate the situation and that you want to know what you can do to improve. For employees, knowing that the company they work for is really on their side can be a huge comfort. Asking for their feedback now, of all times, sends a message all by itself.  

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