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Why So Many People Are Hesitant About Using a Staffing Agency – And Why You Shouldn’t Be

Many job candidates are hesitant about partnering with a staffing firm to find their next career opportunity. Some think it’s not worth the trouble or that it can only find you a specific type of placement. But the truth is that you shouldn’t have second thoughts about using a staffing agency — it’s a wise career move that can benefit you in more ways than you might think.

You’ll save time.

If you’re in the market for a job, you probably spend hours every day scouring job boards, perfecting your resume and cover letter, and applying to jobs. That’s a lot of time, and much of it won’t get you the desired results. But by partnering with a staffing agency, much of that workload is taken off of your plate. Recruiters know what jobs are out there, and they know what their clients are looking for. That makes them the perfect conduit between job seekers (you) and open positions that need filling. You’ll save time and find a placement that suits you before you know it.

You’ll have access to more opportunities.

Public job boards don’t have all the job opportunities that are out there. Staffing firms have access to exclusive openings that you might not see anywhere else. Plus, it’s a recruiter’s job to find open positions — they’ll probably find at least a few that you don’t come across on your own searches. This kind of exclusive access is invaluable, and it’s one of the best reasons to partner with a staffing firm.

You’ll grow your professional network.

An added benefit of working with a staffing agency is its opportunity to grow your professional network. The recruiter you work with is, in and of themselves, a powerful addition to your network. And no matter how you slice it, the network that the recruiter can open up to you to is far greater than any you have access to on your own. And that makes it all the more likely you’ll have easy access to the best positions moving forward.

You’ll stay in the recruiter’s database.

Even after you’ve been placed in an opening that suits you, you’ll remain in the staffing agency’s system. That means that should you be on the hunt for a new job in the future, or if something comes across the recruiter’s desk that you’d be perfect for, you are primed to be a leading candidate before anyone else.

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