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Why You Should Always Ask Your Receptionist About a Job Candidate

A job candidate arrives at your office, checks in with the receptionist then sits down to wait for his or her interview. Then, you call them in to start the actual interview process. They leave once the interview is over, and the process is done… right? Wrong. Instead, take the time after the interview to check in with your receptionist and ask them what they thought of the candidate. You may be surprised at what you hear. Here are three reasons to take this next step and ask about the person you just interviewed:  

You’ll Gain Unique Insights 

Your receptionist is most likely the first person that the candidate spoke to at your company. So, they have a unique insight into the character of the candidate — first impressions are important! Talk to your receptionist after the interview is over to see what their impressions were of the candidate. If they found the candidate to be rude or dismissive, they might be right. Conversely, if they thought the candidate was pleasant and agreeable, it’s a safe bet that’s how the candidate acts all the time. 

You’ll Get a Second Opinion 


Perhaps you got the sense that the candidate was overwhelmed in the interview, or that they felt they weren’t necessarily qualified for the job. If you talk to your receptionist and find out that he or she felt the candidate seemed nervous or out of their element, your suspicions are confirmed. Getting a second opinion in this way can be very helpful when assessing the personality and culture fit of the candidate you’re considering. 

You’ll Find Out How the Candidate Treats Others 

Unfortunately, some job candidates don’t treat the receptionist with much respect. Sometimes, they ignore them almost entirely. Other times, they’re downright rude. If you find out that your receptionist was treated this way by the job candidate, you might want to reconsider the hire. On the other hand, if the candidate was pleasant and kind to them, you know that you’re welcoming someone onto the team that will probably mesh well with everyone.  

Administrative assistants, secretaries, receptionists… whatever you call them, remember that these individuals play a vital role in the functionality of your company. And when it comes to interviewing job candidates, they have a unique perspective that you, as the hiring manager or team lead, sometimes cannot. So take their opinion into consideration when evaluating job candidates — you’ll be glad you did! 

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