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Why You Should Answer a Recruiter’s Call Even When You Aren’t Job-Hunting

You might think that there’s no good reason to answer when a recruiter calls—after all, you already have a job you’re happy with. But the truth is that it’s always wise to answer the phone when a recruiter calls, even if you’re not in the market for a new position.   

Here’s why:

You Just Never Know When a Great Opportunity Might Arise 

The first reason that you should answer a recruiter’s call is the most obvious: you just never know what opportunity could be around the corner. You can always hear what the recruiter has to say and then decline any offer. It can’t hurt to see what’s out there—you never know if you might be introduced to something with higher pay, better benefits, a better work environment or culture, or a better team.  

You’ll Get a Sense of What’s Out There 

Another good reason to take a recruiter’s call even if you’re not job-hunting is that it gives you a good sense of what’s out there in terms of available positions. You can get an idea of how in-demand (or not) your type of job is, and that can inform you of important steps to take in your career, whether it’s learning new skills or refining your resume. You might learn that your position is in extremely high demand and that you should be demanding a higher pay rate, for instance.   

You’ll Determine Your Own Value  

Talking with a recruiter can also give you a good sense of what your peers are making in the same position. Perhaps you’ll find out that you’re being underpaid at your current position, or just the opposite—maybe what you have now is something you should not consider giving up. That kind of insight is extremely valuable as you look to advance your career in the future, especially if you’ve been at your current position for a while and don’t have a good sense of what your role is worth in the current market.  

You’ll Maintain Your Professional Network 

Keep in mind that maintaining a good relationship with a recruiter is never a bad thing. You just never know when they might be able to help you out down the road! Answering that phone call is a way of ensuring your continued success in the future.  

Your Confidence Will Skyrocket 

Don’t forget about another great benefit of answering a recruiter’s call: it’ll give you a great confidence boost, even if you have no intention of considering a new job offer. Knowing that employers out there are interested in you should make you feel good!  

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