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Why You Should Begin Video Interviewing

Technology has revolutionized the way that we interview candidates for jobs. In some cases, a job candidate never meets his or her interviewer or new boss face-to-face before accepting the offer. While that may not be the particular setup you want, using the power of video for interviewing provides several advantages that just can’t be overlooked.

Here are just four of the many reasons you should begin video interviewing when finding your next great candidate.

It Saves Time

Trying to schedule 30 candidates for in-person interviews at your facility is time-consuming and headache-inducing. Fitting all of these interviews in simply takes too much time, potentially stretching the hiring process out for weeks or months. Using video interviews, on the other hand, shortens this process dramatically. You can even opt for after-hours video interviews since it can be done through a laptop.

It Saves Money

If you’re interviewing candidates that don’t live in your area, having in-person interviews might end up costing your business money. You’ll have to pay for airfare to fly the candidate in, room and board fees for putting them up in a hotel, reimbursement for meals… the list goes on and on, and those numbers can add up quickly. Holding a video interview, on the other hand, is entirely free of charge — all you need is a reliable internet connection to chat with long-distance candidates.

It Helps Candidates Feel Comfortable

Another advantage of video interviewing is that it can help the job seeker to feel much more comfortable. That’s because he or she is on their home turf — whether they’re interviewing from their actual home or their local coffee shop. For many candidates, this helps to get rid of the nerves associated with in-person interviewing in an unfamiliar office environment. As a result, you’ll get to know the real candidate during your video interview, rather than a version of them that’s masked by anxieties and interview stressors.

It Sends a Message

Last but not least, hosting video interviews helps to send a subtle message to candidates that your business is on the cutting edge. You’re up-to-date with the latest technology and modern practices, and that’s very attractive to many job candidates looking to work in a progressive, future-oriented organization.

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