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With 37,200 Jobs Added in March, Texas Economy is Looking Stronger

Texans heaved a sigh of relief this past March as reports revealed that employers throughout the state had added 37,200 jobs, easing the unemployment crunch which swept the state this past year, a dire result of the economic downturn. 

According to the report, one of the strongest sources of job growth is the financial field, where many are feeling the upswing of the workforce finally coming to fruition. This news gives some hope to unemployed financial and accounting professionals who have been struggling with layoffs and job searches for the past few months.

Accounting job agencies
With more jobs, come more opportunity.

Staffing Agencies: What They Can Do for Your Business

Finance recruitment agencies in Dallas are the ideal places for people seeking positions in the finance business to turn to, especially now that jobs are  opening up more rapidly. Often times, companies recruit through financial staffing services to ensure that they are getting the most qualified person for the job. Hiring companies trust that.   with the rigorous and selective pre-screening, interviewing and hiring process that agencies put prospects through, they will be paired up with the most suitable candidates.

Here are some of the benefits businesses expect from affiliating with a finance recruitment agency.

  • Recruitment made simple. When your company makes use of the right staffing agency, employing the right candidate becomes simple. Today, the well-known staffing agencies count on the expertise and high standards of trained professionals and certified recruiters who have your company’s best interests in mind.
  • Thorough employee screening. It goes without saying that one of the most difficult parts of recruitment is finding the right people to call in for an interview. It takes patience and skill to look through lengthy credentials and thousands of resumes to find the right person for the job, especially when it comes to financial and accounting resumes. Accounting job agencies can eliminate this process for you by carefully choosing, interviewing and screening candidates for you, so you don’t have to.
  • A partner in the industry. The ideal staffing agency will not just be a company you’ve hired, but rather a partner in your industry. Agencies that specialize in financial and accounting services understand your needs and can pair you up with knowledgeable people within the agency to find the perfect prospect for you.

High Profile: Leader in the Industry

Since 1987, High Profile Staffing has been serving Dallas-Fort Worth’s business community by helping them find the most suitable, qualified and talented financial and accounting professionals to join their companies. Our clients can count on a dedicated, highly-trained staff of financial recruiters that will spend extensive one-on-one time with prospects to ensure that both client and candidate are a good fit.

To find out more about how High Profile Staffing can help your company jumpstart growth with the right people, visit