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Workplace Temptations and How to Avoid Them

Most of us work upwards of 40 hours each week so, often, work becomes more than just a job. Most people tend to make friends with their coworkers and sometimes socialize with them outside the office. But then there are those secret sins of the office that you aren’t supposed to commit but many people do, often without realizing it. Our associates at High Profile have compiled a list of office “no-no’s” to help keep you employed.

Being Mr. or Mrs. Popular. Although this might have been cool in high school, it’s time to move on. Sharing too much personal information can be tricky and can lead to trouble. Chances are, not everyone in the office has your best interest in mind. The best thing you can do is keep a solid line between your personal and professional life. Plus, you don’t want management’s view of you to be tainted based on what happens outside the office.

Talking to human resources. Although HR may tell you to come to them during sticky situations, it may not be the best course of action. HR works for the organization and they may not tell your coworker what you said about them, but they might tell your boss.  If you have an issue, approach your boss first and try to work it out without involving a third party.

Over-decorating your cubicle. As mentioned earlier, most of us spend more time at the office than not, so we want to work in a space that feels like home. This can include pictures of kids, family, personal hobbies, and more. As much as you want to decorate, do your best to rein it in and stay professional. Office decorations are a subconscious test of values and loyalties, so avoid anything that may turn others off.

Bringing in treats. This sounds like a nice gesture, and in theory it is, but avoid being the person who feeds the office. If you do this too much you won’t be taken seriously. This tends to be aimed more at women, because those who bring in goodies for the group tend to be seen more as an ‘office mom’ than a contributing employee of the organization. Unless it’s a birthday or holiday, avoid bringing baked goods.

These secret sins are just a few of many that take place in offices. Try your best to avoid them because, after all, you want to be seen as a hardworking professional. For more tips on how to avoid workplace temptations, contact us today!