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Your First Interview Since COVID Started – What’s Different?

Many people, unfortunately, lost their jobs when the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic downturn hit. More still were let go as the pandemic continued to drag on, stretching companies across all industries very thin. But you’ve bounced back, and you have an interview lined up — and you’re well aware that it’s going to be different than past interviews you’ve taken.   

Here are a few tips for navigating your first interview since COVID-19 began:  

Request a video interview. 

There’s nothing wrong with requesting a video interview, at least for your first interview in the series. Explain that you’re trying to be as safe as possible right now and that you don’t want to put yourself or anyone at the company you’re interviewing with at risk unnecessarily. Cite your area’s social-distancing or stay-at-home orders if you feel it helps your case. And make it clear that you’re willing to meet in-person at a later time, should the interview process move forward.  

Wear a mask. 

It’s best to play it safe and wear a mask for your interview if you do end up meeting in-person. If you don’t wear one and everyone who works in the office is wearing one, you’ll look inconsiderate. And if you do wear a mask and no one else has one on, there’s no harm done. Of course, pay attention if no one in the office is wearing a mask — this could indicate that the employer doesn’t take public safety as seriously as they should, which might be a red flag.  

Skip the handshake. 

Obviously, you’ll want to skip the handshake that typically would start a formal job interview. No one will judge you or think you’re rude. You can break the tension by saying something like, “Normally, I would shake your hand, but it’s nice to meet you nonetheless.”  

Work the pandemic into your conversation. 

There’s no use pretending like everything is normal — it’s not. Working the pandemic into your conversation with the hiring manager or recruiter is perfectly natural, and it’s an excellent way to learn more about the company and your potential role within it. Ask the interviewer how the pandemic has affected the company’s productivity, and what the new hire (hopefully, that’s you!) might be doing differently in their role as the pandemic wears on.  

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