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Your Job Descriptions Could Be the Reason You Aren’t Getting the Right Candidates

There are plenty of reasons why your company might not be getting the candidates you want. A company culture that’s lacking, bad reviews online… or it might be something simpler. Often, the problem is found at the source — the job descriptions that are candidates’ first impressions of your company and the role you’re trying to fill.

Let’s take a look at a few tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your job descriptions.

Avoid unnecessary jargon.

Take a second look at your job descriptions. How much company or industry-specific jargon do they contain? Things like KPIs and P&Ls might mean something to you, but it’s unnecessary to include them in the job description. It can make candidates feel that they aren’t well-versed enough in the field to qualify for the job. Aim to include universal wording in your descriptions and avoid getting too deep in “company speak.”

Emphasize your commitment to diversity and inclusion.

You might be surprised at how many different groups of people your job descriptions are turning off. Unconscious bias has a way of creeping into job descriptions and affecting your talent pool without you even knowing it. It’s a good idea to dedicate a part of your job description to describe your organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Going beyond the statement that you’re an “equal opportunity employer” says a lot.

Avoid gender-coded words.

Try to avoid gender-coded words like “rockstar” and “ninja,” which tend to turn off certain groups, particularly women. You might be surprised at how your job descriptions alienate groups of people without intending to do so. Although it might not be as vibrant, try sticking to the basics when describing your ideal candidate. Simply describing your candidate as a “skilled developer” rather than a “development ninja” can go a long way.

Stick to the “must-haves.”

Studies demonstrate that a white male is likely to apply for a job where they meet only 60% of the requirements. A woman is much more likely to skip it unless they meet close to 100% of the requirements. So, avoid making a long list of “dream qualifications” and stick to the must-haves. You’ll find you get a wider and more diverse range of talent applying to the position.

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