Spend Less Time Recruiting

Focus on getting more done. At High Profile, our certified team has provided recruitment solutions and temp services for Dallas, Plano and Irving businesses since 1987. With possibly the most experienced and highly trained staff in the industry, rest assured High Profile will deliver for you.

Solve your most challenging staffing issues:

  • Resolve headcount limitations
  • Quickly respond to emergency staffing needs
  • Tackle tough project challenges
  • Adapt to variable demand

If you just want a “staffing” company, we can refer you. If you want a business partner who is invested in your success, we should talk.

Contact us or learn about our specialized divisions: administrative, accounting and finance, and human resources.



Missing deadlines because of talent shortages? Can’t keep up with seasonal demands? If you need temp services in Fort Worth, Dallas or Irving, High Profile can provide on-demand help so you can reach your business goals without adding to your full-time headcount.


Avoid hiring risks with our temporary-to-hire option. Try a candidate on the job before making an offer, and improve your chance of making the right hire.

Direct hire

Decrease time and cost on recruiting preliminaries. We find, attract and screen the best people so you can focus on other priorities. By allowing us to handle the process, you’ll get better hiring results and improve retention.

High Profile Pays (Payrolling)

Spend less time on payroll administration. Place the temporary employees you find on our payroll. We take care of paycheck distribution, tax withholding, workers’ compensation and benefits, while you focus on other areas of your business.