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"The Engagement Equation: Mastering the Art of Workplace Connections"

Michele Haugh, SPHR-SCP, Co-Founder of EarlyEngage & EarlyHR, discussed actionable ways to move the needle on employee engagement and empower organizations to move from intention to action in driving employee engagement.

"3 Brilliant Management Skills to End Quiet Quitting and Engage a Winning Team"

Kim Zoller discussed the best practices and management skills needed in a world of employee absenteeism, un-engagement, and "quiet quitting"!

"Cybersecurity in a Hybrid Workplace"

Kenny Leckie and Chad Johnston of Alterity Solutions discussed the types of cybersecurity threats and how to spot them, as well as best practices for avoiding cybersecurity attacks when working in a hybrid environment.

"Tough Talks: Preparing Yourself to Handle Difficult Conversations"

Rex Jones, Owner of On Demand HR, discussed how managers can better equip themselves to handle challenging conversations and achieve a successful outcome for themselves and their team.

"Navigating Ageism Through Your Post-Pandemic Job Search: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly"

Betty Flasch, Career and Talent Management Professional, discussed ageism and the post-pandemic market, and how they are affecting job seekers, as well as tips on how to successfully job search through the lens of ageism!

"Mission-Critical: Your Employees’ Mental Health and How to Navigate It in the Workplace"

Kristin Durney of Mental Wellness Unleashed and Bonnie Cook of Mental Health America of Greater Dallas discussed the importance of addressing mental health and how to navigate the topic in the workplace!

"The COVID-19 Vaccine & the Workplace: Legal Implications for Employers"

Paul Simon and Dustin Paschal, partners at Simon | Paschal PLLC, led a discussion on the ever-changing landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic and how the vaccine will impact employers!

"Visualizing Your Aspirations: Vision Boards for Your Career"

Kim Zoller led a discussion on how to visualize your career goals and future, and how making career vision boards helps bring those visualizations to life!

"Are We There Yet? Navigating Your DE&I Journey"

Stacey Givens, Founder of the Givens Consulting Group, discussed how to keep organizational change management at the forefront of your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) journey.

"G.R.O.W.ing Through Critical Conversations"

Kim Zoller, CEO and Founder of ID360, led a great presentation on the importance of difficult conversations and how having them can help you grow.

Invest in yourself webinar series:

"An Epidemiologist’s Advice for Returning to Work: Principles and Guidelines From an Expert"

Dr. Rebecca Dawson, an epidemiologist working on the front lines providing guidance and direction, led a great discussion on the factual information surrounding COVID-19, and the necessary steps businesses should take when returning to work.

"Mindful Parenting: Unlock Internal Skills for Emotional Fortitude for Your Children and for You"

Kim Zoller, Jordana Bernstein, and Dorit Schonbrunn discuss the child’s brain and learning skills that help improve the quality of life for parents and their children of any age.

"Mindfulness: A Skill with Life-Changing Results"

Kim Zoller, CEO and Founder of ID360, discussed the importance of practicing mindfulness and the usefulness of meditation in your everyday life.

"Managing Your Finances During a Crisis"

Mark Elder and Trevor Houston from the “Who Ya Know Job Networking Show” discussed the do’s and don’ts of financial management during an economic crisis.

"Employee Communication During a Crisis"

Crayton Webb, CEO of Sunwest Communications, shared the most effective way you can communicate with your employees during turbulent times.

"Best Practices for Your Video Presence"

Craig Fisher, Head of Recruiting Innovation at Allegis Global Solutions, shared best practices for using video for interviews and meetings.

"Revamping Your Resume and Digital Presence"

Kelly Simants, a Senior HR Consultant for Nevada HR Team, discussed tips on resume writing and shared how to manage your digital profiles to convey the right message to employers.

"Top Tips for Maximizing Your LinkedIn Profile"

Terry Sullivan, the founder of BuzzPro, shared ways to revamp and maximize your LinkedIn profile to maintain and build your brand. Tips and ideas were shared for job seekers and for anyone wanting to build their professional and personal brand.