The LUMINI Network conference 2022

A special invitation exclusively for the High profile EA Network

The LUMINI Network Conference 2022

November 9-11, 2022


We are thrilled to announce the first ever LUMINI Network Conference! Join LUMINI on November 9-11th for access to an exclusive membership benefit designed to enhance the LUMINI community and elevate the partnership you have created with your executive. 

Join us to: 

  • Hear from leading experts with thought-provoking talks and actionable learnings with an emphasis on Connection, Empowerment, and Knowing Your Value.
  • Enhance your relationships among LUMINI peers and other strong, growth minded EAs. 
  • Dive Deep into-first class content and take away tools that leverage the knowledge you’ll gain. 
  • Leave the conference with a learned spirit, all in an atmosphere of fun.

As an executive assistant, we know that it’s your job to be three steps ahead so with that in mind we’ve included a business case letter to share with your executive. 

As a member of the High Profile community, LUMINI would like to offer you a special opportunity to join us at our conference using the member rate.

Reserve your spot now by clicking the “Book Your Seat” button below to complete your registration. Hurry, the member rate is only good until October 15th! 

For more information about what to expect, please visit our event site here

We hope to see you there!