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Add Social Media to Your Recruiting Efforts

Savvy job candidates are increasingly looking to social media sites to help boost their job-seeking efforts. Are you doing everything you can to make your business more appealing to this growing talent pool? 

Let’s start with the fundamentals:

Do you have an employer page on sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn? These two sites should serve as your social media “foundation” and you can work out from there.

What about an active company blog? Here’s a place where you and your staff can post regular updates about what’s happening within the organization. Invite your HR team to contribute with news of interest to job candidates.

What hot topics are people talking about in your business or industry right now? Start a conversation on Twitter and get people tweeting about your business. (Tip: Don’t look at Twitter as an advertising medium or no one will pay attention to you. This is a place to exchange information, not push your products or services.)

Chances are, you have some creative and dramatic individuals in your company. Encourage them to produce short, informative entertaining videos about some aspect of your business and post them on YouTube. Include links to your videos on these other social media platforms.

Job-seekers use social media sites to gather information on your recruiters and  hiring managers. They can also connect with employees (past and present) through different sites. That’s why you should carefully monitor what gets posted about your business and make sure that information is “candidate-friendly”.  These sites can help your recruiting process in ways never before possible.

Employers can benefit from social media as well. By ‘friending’ and ‘following’ others, you’ll learn more about what qualified job-seekers want in a position and company, and customize your recruitment process accordingly. Post content on social media sites that spark candidates’ interest and make your business more appealing to them.

Using social media takes some time and practice, but if you’re interested in attracting a younger, Internet-savvy pool of candidates, the pay-off is well worth it. Encourage people to link to content on your site. Share blogs (like this one) with others on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Buzz and Yahoo! Pulse.

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