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How to Avoid Becoming a “Stepping Stone” Employer

Some employees sign on for the long haul.  Some consider sticking around for awhile to see if the fit is right.  Others seem to be looking for a new opportunity the day after you hire them. 

So how do you avoid becoming a “stepping stone” employer?  Start by dismissing the notion that it’s always about the money.  Studies show time and again that a good working environment and a healthy relationship with one’s supervisor and peers contribute as much to job longevity as an annual salary.  It’s really a simple equation—design the best working environment you can so employees have little cause or motivation to move elsewhere.  Here’s how:

Take a good look at the workplace. If people are quarreling or even not speaking to each other, if rumors and gossip take the place of productivity, if at the end of the day people are anxious to get out of the office as quickly as possible, you know you have a toxic environment that no one wants to be part of.  Instead, seek out ways to improve the atmosphere through reward and motivation.  Encourage your staff to work efficiently and reward them for doing so with a note (or, even better, a performance bonus) recognizing their hard work.

Take care of your employees’ real-life needs.  A competitive benefits package—including health insurance, life insurance and a retirement-savings plan—is critically important for employee retention.  If your corporate budget is stretched thin, try to make sure you’re at least meeting industry standards.

Extra perks go a long way.  They can be small things too.  One idea- each department hosts an all-staff breakfast featuring healthy food paid for by the company.  It’s a great way to build morale and encourage interdepartmental cooperation.

Make sure employees see there’s a future for them in your business.  Employees who look elsewhere often feel they have nowhere to go in the company.  Whenever possible, seek to promote from within.  A clear path for advancement shows you truly value your staff’s contributions and that you regard them as valuable, long-term assets.  This also reduces the need to find a “loftier” position elsewhere.

Finally, go to your best employees—the ones who you depend on day in and day out, the ones who happily give their all and show no desire to move on—and ask them a few simple questions: “Why do you stay here?” and “What would make you leave?”  The answers you get will shed light on the things you’re already doing right and areas that need improvement.  What could be more valuable than knowing what to change and what to keep as is?

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