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Why You Should Treat Contract-to-Hire Positions Like a Working Interview

Does your company offer contract-to-hire positions? If not, it might be something to consider. There…

Tips on Conducting Video Interviews

Video interviews were around long before the pandemic, but COVID certainly made them more commonplace.…

Why a Contract-to-Hire Position is Right for You

Contract-to-hire roles are more common than you might think. On the employer’s end, this kind…

High Profile Webinar Event | Navigating Ageism in Your Post-Pandemic Job Search: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Maybe you’re wondering what ageism really means…it’s prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a…

Resume Tips: 5 Things You Need on Your Accounting Resume

When was the last time you took a look at your accounting resume? Before your…

Deciphering a Neutral Reference Check

Performing reference checks is a standard part of the hiring process if you’re a recruiter…

How to Incorporate Mental Wellness Initiatives in the Office

As an employer, you always strive to keep your employees healthy and happy. When you…

Tips to Have a Successful Video Interview

Video interviews were around long before the COVID-19 pandemic made them commonplace. And now it’s…

How to Attract Career-Minded Candidates in the World of Accounting

Is your accounting company on the search for new hires? You don’t want to bring…

Importance of Mental Wellness in the Virtual Workspace – And How to Achieve It

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! There’s no better time to take a hard look…


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