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Communication and Training Are Traits of Top-Rated Employers


In today’s challenging job market, employers in pursuit of the best candidates for their open positions are working harder than ever to make their organization an attractive place to work. What constitutes a top-rated employer? What qualities do top-rated companies have in common?

Survey after survey illustrates two areas where “best businesses” stand out: communication
and training. In addition to seeking jobs that are interesting and well-paying, employees consider these areas as vitally important to the level of satisfaction they find in their work.

Offering focus and clarity. Top-rated employers take a highly proactive stance toward internal communications. This includes clear and ongoing discussions about the direction the company is headed, its vision and strategy, and the challenges it faces. Employees in these companies always know and understand both short-term and long-range goals, and where they fit in individually.

These employers genuinely want to know their employees’ needs and motivations. They also share news “from the top” through staff meetings, newsletters, bulletin boards, even blogs from the CEO and senior staff – all designed to keep employees informed and motivated.

Building trust through accessibility. The best employers don’t hide in their offices or emerge only for formal announcements. They maintain an open-door policy that encourages staff to come to them with concerns and new ideas. This approach consistently builds trust by demonstrating accessibility both at the top and throughout the organization.

Knowing what’s expected of them. Employees surveyed about “best businesses” also point to frequent communication about what’s expected of them in their roles. When each person fully understands his or her responsibilities, they feel a greater commitment to succeeding individually and as part of a team.

Training for the future. Providing opportunities for growth is another area valued by employees. They thrive in an environment where they can learn new skills and take on increasingly important responsibilities. Top-rated employers keep a close eye on their star performers and do everything they can to nurture their growth, particularly in accelerated training and development. New assignments, job rotation and one-on-one mentoring can be found in most “best businesses”.

Other traits shared by top-rated employers include:

Fair pay and good benefits. Talking openly about fair pay is highly valued by employees. The best businesses encourage managers and supervisors to talk with staff about this topic, but it’s also addressed in group meetings and employee handbooks. Strong benefit plans are commonly found among top-rated employers as well. One note: Even if a small business can’t pay 100% of benefits, their employees appreciate and understand when the reasons are communicated to them, along with the business’s commitment to do everything it can to cover insurance costs.

Perks count, too! Top-rated employers offer attractive perks, ranging from on-site child care and the opportunity to telecommute to employee assistance programs offering counseling and substance abuse treatment.

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