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Six Qualities to Look for When Hiring Professional Talent

If your company is looking to hire professional talent, you do not want to bring just anybody on board. Those who are in professional-level positions have a lot of influence when it comes to setting corporate culture and directing operations. You need the right people in these key positions for your company to grow.

There are a few key things you will need to look for when screening candidates for professional positions to determine who would be the best fit. Six qualities you want to look for include:

  • Leadership skills: Having strong leaders at every level of your organization can make all the difference. Good leaders can inspire every member of the team to give tasks their all, significantly increasing overall productivity.
  • Listening skills: Great communicators do not just talk — they listen as well. Professionals on your team should be eager listeners ready to embrace and build upon innovative ideas.
  • Empathy: Empathy is one of the most important traits that professional staff at your organization can exhibit. Talented workers with high levels of empathy will be able to connect more easily with clients as well as with co-workers and subordinates. Being able to make a personal connection and understand what others are feeling can make problem-solving and communication easier.
  • Creativity and innovation: Companies don’t want to become stagnant. They need to evolve and modernize with the times. Professional talent can lead this process if they have a high degree of creativity and are looking for ways to innovate. Innovation can affect every aspect of operations and it goes far beyond just thinking up new products or services. Finding innovative ways to do processes and solve problems can significantly improve overall productivity.
  • Problem-solving skills: Problems will inevitably arise. You want your professional staff to have a take-charge, can-do attitude when it comes to finding solutions to the issues that come up within your organization.
  • Hard skills necessary to do the job: While most of these skills are soft skills, you also need to make sure professional staff members have the ability to do the job for which they have been hired. This means having the key hard skills necessary to complete job tasks. Whether this is understanding how to use computer software or knowing different industry information, having the right hard skills is a non-negotiable qualification.

High Profile can help you find candidates who have all these qualifications and many other skills necessary for success. If you are hiring professional talent and you want a candidate with the qualities that will lead to success, reach out to High Profile today at 972-991-7900 or contact us online.