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Does Fun Belong in the Workplace?

Conventional wisdom used to dictate that work belonged in the workplace and fun belonged, well, someplace else. My, how things have changed! These days, fun is widely accepted as part of doing business. Beginning with Casual Fridays and carrying on through companywide movie outings and worksite “American Idol” contests, fun has become an important component of making the workplace less tedious – and earning your company the coveted moniker “employer of choice”.

While boosting employees’ paychecks is always an effective means of incenting people, that tactic doesn’t have a lasting effect. Making the workplace an enjoyable environment, however, is a proven method for effecting long-term change. According to research by California State University Long Beach, people who are encouraged to have fun at work are more productive, work better with others, and call in sick less often.

The benefits of a fun workplace are countless. People who are in a good mood produce increased oxygen, endorphins, and blood flow to the brain. This enhances their ability to think clearly and be more creative. They laugh more and tend to be more accepting of others. This leads to better teamwork and more of a sense of “we’re in this together”. When employees enjoy their time at work, they stress less, smile more, and attract more customers. Even if they primarily interface with customers over the phone, their positive attitude comes through. That makes it a more pleasurable experience for the person on the other end. And they will be more likely to keep calling your company and continue buying your product or service.

Is your workplace fun? Take a look around. Are people smiling? Do they laugh when something funny happens? Are managers optimistic? Do you have fun events planned on a regular basis? Are employees incentivized with drawings or giveaways?

If you answered YES to most of these questions, congratulations! Your employees are likely happy to come to work each day. If your answers were mostly negative, you’ve got some work to do. You may wish to consider organizing a cross-functional/cross-departmental committee to brainstorm ways to make the workplace more fun. Make sure to give them some guidelines, however. You may even wish to put into writing what kinds of “fun” are not welcome in the workplace – crass humor or anything with sexual overtones, for example. Finally, let your customers in on the fun! Consider holding fun customer-oriented events or incorporate fun customs into the workplace – giving each child a balloon or each dog a biscuit, for example.

Before you know it, you’ll see more smiles, better attitudes, and higher profits, as fun invades your workplace!

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