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Does Your Cybersecurity Protect Against Risks Involving Artificial Intelligence?

Cybersecurity compliance trends continue to be influenced by artificial intelligence. The increasing evolution and sophistication of cyberattacks means adherence to security regulations and standards is essential.

Cybersecurity is especially important when your company undergoes digital transformations involving artificial intelligence. You must carefully manage cybersecurity vulnerabilities, data privacy issues, regulatory compliance, and other associated risks to protect sensitive information.

Determine whether your cybersecurity protects against risks involving artificial intelligence.

Advanced Cybersecurity Threats

Cybercriminals can use artificial intelligence to develop evasive cyber threats. For instance, artificial intelligence-powered malware, automated attack tools, and intelligence bots can increase the efficiency of cyberattacks. As a result, these attacks can be harder to detect. Slower detection can increase the impact on your company.

Increased Threats to Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Artificial intelligence algorithms rely on large amounts of data for training to generate responses. Therefore, data that is compromised or poisoned with other inputs can lead to biased artificial intelligence models.

For instance, cybercriminals can use artificial intelligence algorithms to manipulate input data. This manipulation can deceive or exploit vulnerabilities in artificial intelligence models. As a result, misclassifications, false positives, false negatives, and/or security breaches can occur.

Insider Threats to Cybersecurity

Insiders with access to artificial intelligence-powered systems might abuse their privileges, misuse their data access, or manipulate artificial intelligence algorithms to create or avoid detection of cyberattacks. As a result, a balanced approach to cybersecurity that involves technical measures, regulatory frameworks, and industry collaboration is essential.

Continual Updates to Cybersecurity Policies

Advances in technology mean that evolving cybersecurity is required to maintain compliance. As new cyber threats emerge, governments and regulatory bodies create and enforce updated regulations and frameworks to increase the privacy of confidential data.

The new regulations and frameworks provide a foundation for companies to protect against cyber threats. As a result, continuous monitoring, regular updates to your cybersecurity policies and procedures, and ongoing employee training are required to minimize risks. Therefore, you should dedicate resources to remain informed about the latest regulatory changes, correctly interpret them, and take proper measures to maintain compliance.

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