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Five Recruiting Tips to Find The Perfect Candidate

With the financial and accounting job market once again on the upswing, accounting job agencies are getting their fill of candidates seeking just the right company for their next career move. While it may seem difficult to choose a qualified person to fit right into your firm, in reality it’s not that hard. This is particularly true if you’re using a Dallas staffing agency that can identify with your needs perfectly and find someone that will be a perfect match. 

Some finance recruitment agencies know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to choosing the cream of the crop for their clients. Understanding proper recruiting practices, and implementing them correctly, can help you get the perfect person for the job.

How Can I Recruit for My Company?


So, how do you find that perfect person? The key to recruiting the ideal candidate for a position is to always be on the lookout, even when you’re not hiring. The idea is to always keep your candidate pool stocked with great prospects.

Here are some recruiting tips that can help your business grow with the right people, whether you have an accounting group, a financial firm or any other business.

  1. Go to college. College campuses are often the best places to find young, energetic and eager candidates looking for their big break. They’re also looking for a place that can teach them the ways of the business and a company with which they can grow and learn. Also, keeping in touch with college professors and asking them to refer you to the right students is a great way of getting quality, top-notch candidates for whatever position you are trying to fill.
  1. Network, Network, Network. Attending networking meetings and professional groups enables you to meet some other business people in the area who may be able to connect you with excellent candidates. Some of these savvy business professionals may even be looking for their next career opportunity themselves. Let people in the groups know what positions your business is looking for and then let the magic of networking do what it does.
  1. The Internet is for Job Hunting. Use the Internet by not only making use of the usual job posting sites, but for social networking as well. If your company has Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn pages, these are great venues to let your followers know about potential opportunities in your company. Even if your company doesn’t have a vacancy at the moment, it’s good to let your followers know what types of positions you generally have available so they know that they can always come to you with their résumé.
  1. Old-Fashioned Want Ad. Sometimes, you have to go a little “old-school” in your recruiting practices and rely on your local classifieds to generate leads. Believe it or not, there are people who still read the classifieds and will search for work there first.
  1. Staffing Agencies to the Rescue. Still one of the best ways to find a candidate, staffing agencies do the hard work for you, and generally they do it well. They collect applicant information, handle the initial screening process, and choose the best candidates for your business based on parameters that you have provided. Ideally your staffing agencies should make it a priority to really get to know your organization and what your organization’s needs are. They then match you with people who can potentially be a long-term fit for your organization.

When Recruiting Candidates


Look for the whole package. Look for candidates who are well-rounded in all of the areas that you need – people who not only have the skills, but also can conduct themselves in a professional manner. This is especially true if you’re in the accounting or finance business. After all, they will be dealing with your clients’ money.

Don’t make experience a deal-breaker. When recruiting, don’t limit your options to candidates with years of experience. College students with little experience but an excellent grasp on the job requirements and a great willingness to learn sometimes make the best employees.

Stay in touch. Keep in touch with those candidates who you think may be a great fit for your company somewhere down the road. That way, they will remember you when it’s time for you to fill a position and you approach them for an interview.


Let the best handle it


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