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How Can Upskilling Make Your Career Future-Proof?

You always have more to learn, even as a highly educated and trained professional. As your industry continues to evolve, you need to adapt along with it. An effective way to accomplish this is through upskilling. Continuously adding to your skill set helps you stay marketable in the workforce. This applies both now and into the future.

What Is Upskilling?

Upskilling is the process of learning new skills that can benefit a company. Developing these skills helps close the gap between what employees can do and what employers need them to do.

Many skills gaps are created by an aging workforce and rapid technological developments. Helping fill these gaps makes you increasingly attractive to employers.

Your ability to provide hard-to-find skills means you face less competition for certain jobs. This can result in increased income when taking on such a role.

What Are Some Ways You Can Upskill?

Online courses can help you upskill. LinkedIn Learning, HubSpot Academy, Coursera, Skillshare, Open Learning from MIT, and Khan Academy offer online courses you can complete at your own pace.

Microlearning offers short bursts of content for increased retention. Spaced-out learning is effective for long-term memory.

Mentoring lets you learn from a professional with a substantial amount of career experience. You can ask questions, receive advice, and discuss topics that can benefit your professional path.

What Are Some Benefits of Upskilling?

Implementing your new skills at your current job may result in a pay increase. According to LinkedIn Learning’s 5th Annual Learning Report, 64% of learning and development (L&D) professionals agree that L&D became necessary for employees in 2021. Because you add increased value for your employer, you should be compensated accordingly.

Upskilling can increase your ability to advance within your current organization. The same report shows that 51% of L&D professionals emphasize the importance of upward mobility within a company. You should be better equipped for a promotion because you regularly enhance your skill set.

You may discover a new passion by upskilling. This can lead to career opportunities in another field.

How Can You Begin Upskilling Today?

Set your upskilling goals. This may include learning to complete a new task or taking on a more senior role.

Identify your skill gaps. You may look at job postings, talk with an employee in the job you want, or meet with a recruiter to discuss your skill gaps.

Create a strategy to develop your skills. This may include training, online education, or coaching opportunities. Include a budget and timeline for your learning.

Implement your upskilling plan. Adhere to your timeline as much as possible. Make changes as needed.

Practice your skills whenever possible. You may want to begin with a personal project before moving to a professional one.

When you reach your upskilling goals, set new ones. There always will be skill gaps you can help close.

Apply Your New Skills at a New Job

High Profile Staffing can help you make the most of your new skills by placing you in a new job. Browse our job board, contact us online, or call 972-991-7900 to get started.

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