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Is Inclusion Among Your Dallas Company’s Top Priorities?

Promoting inclusion throughout your workforce makes your employees feel welcome, valued, and respected. Their differences in ethnicity, culture, race, religion, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status are celebrated.

Supporting inclusion in your company’s culture minimizes unconscious bias in the work environment. This promotes an attractive employee experience. It also increases employee engagement, performance, and productivity.

Having an inclusive culture elevates employee attraction, morale, and retention. This strengthens your competitive edge and bottom line.

Implement these tips to prioritize inclusion throughout your Dallas company.

Train Managers on Inclusion

Managers serve as a bridge between employees and company leaders. Therefore, managers must understand and support inclusion throughout the workforce. They can educate employees on inclusion so everyone understands and builds an inclusive culture.

  • Schedule diversity workshops, cultural training, and sessions for managers to identify and minimize unconscious bias in the workplace.
  • Talk with managers about how inclusive they feel the work environment is. Determine which areas need improvement and specific suggestions to do better.
  • Implement an anonymous employee feedback system to assess how inclusive the culture is. Request concrete suggestions for improvement.

Use the Correct Pronouns

Emphasize the importance of employees at all levels using others’ preferred pronouns. This shows respect for each employee’s personal identity.

  • Include each employee’s preferred pronouns on their identification card.
  • Encourage employees to ask about others’ preferred pronouns when first meeting.
  • Use preferred pronouns in team communications.
  • Remind employees to sincerely apologize if they use the wrong pronouns. Focus on using the right ones going forward.

Celebrate Employees’ Differences

Encourage employees to celebrate their cultural and religious traditions with colleagues and coworkers.

  • Recognize days with cultural significance such as Holi, Purim, Juneteenth, Ramadan, Rosh Hashanah, Pride Month, Diwali, Hanukkah, and Kwanza.
  • Support potluck lunches where employees bring in food that represents their culture or religious beliefs.
  • Encourage employees at all levels to talk about their cultural or religious beliefs so colleagues and coworkers can better understand and join in the celebration.

Support Employee Input During Meetings

Encourage each employee to share their ideas and perspectives during team meetings.

  • Ensure every employee has adequate time to provide their thoughts and feedback.
  • Remind employees to wait until the speaker is finished to begin talking.
  • Provide equal opportunities for each employee to participate in the discussions.

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