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Constructing a Mobile Phone Policy for the Workplace

Your company should have a mobile phone policy in place to avoid problems and to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to phone use. Mobile phones raise issues of both privacy and safety, and you need a policy that ensures phones won’t become a troublesome issue that adversely affects the employer/employee relationship.

Your mobile phone policy needs to address a few key concerns including:

  • Whether employees use their own equipment or yours: If you need employees to be connected, you will have to decide if they should use their own phones or use company phones. If they use private phones, will you reimburse them for a part of the bill or for work calls? If they use your equipment, are they allowed to make personal calls or use the phone for personal data? These issues need to be addressed consistently for all employees in a way that makes sense.
  • Security and access: Can employees access your company network from their mobile devices? If so, does this leave your business vulnerable to hackers if employees are not as careful as they should be? Be sure to have policies in place to ensure data security. Your employees should also know whether you are monitoring their access and communications or not.
  • Termination and proprietary information: If your employee leaves the company because they quit or are fired, will they have to turn in a company phone and mobile devices which could have client contact information or other proprietary info? Be sure you and your employees are on the same page from the start about your agreement for what happens when the employee’s relationship with the company ends.
  • Safety: Employees should not drive company cars while using mobile devices, as this creates an auto accident risk and your company could potentially be liable for losses the employees cause.

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