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How Has Technology Changed the Job Search Process?

The process of finding employment has changed dramatically as technology has taken on increased importance during the job search process. Technology can both help and hurt job seekers, so it is important to make technology work for you. To do this, you need to understand how technology has changed the job search process.

Technology has impacted how people find careers by:

  • Making it easier to search for open positions. Today, many people turn to the Internet to look for job listings instead of opening up the classified section of their newspaper. There is a long list of online websites where jobs are posted, and employees can easily search by career field or by keyword to find employers looking for people to fill jobs. Likewise, employers can now use the Internet to connect with a bigger candidate pool than ever, so companies have more choice when it comes to who they hire. 
  • Allowing professional connections online with people from across the globe. Online job posts and resumes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways employers and employees can connect on the Internet. Social networks like LinkedIn make it possible for vast professional networks to form. These networks help employees establish themselves as experts in their field and help employees to leverage their relationships to find out about work opportunities. Employers can also use social media to find untapped talent and to reach out to professionals they may wish to hire. 
  • Making it easier to uncover information on both job seekers and companies that are hiring. While technology has helped make the job search process easier, it can also sabotage a person’s ability to find work or a company’s ability to hire. If a company conducts an internet search of a job seeker and finds lots of red flags, like social media pictures of alcohol use or repeated posts expressing negative feelings about a job, the company may decide not to hire that candidate. On the other hand, a talented professional who searches for a company and finds the company has a history of discrimination is likely to look elsewhere when seeking employment.

While online networking can help you to find employment, not everyone is able to build successful careers by using the Internet alone. A staffing company which has personal relationships with local businesses in the Dallas and DFW Metroplex can provide invaluable assistance in exploring work opportunities. To learn how staffing professionals at High Profile can help you to get started on exciting new career opportunities, give us a call at 972-991-7900 or contact us online today.