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Are You Showing Off Your Company Culture the Right Way on Social Media?

Company culture is important. It’s important in-office, and it’s important online. The question is, are you showing off your company culture the right way on social media? It’s a critical part of attracting the talent you want — here are four things to make sure you’re doing.  

You Must Have a Consistent Voice 

In order to communicate with potential candidates through social media, you need to make sure your company is putting out a consistent tone and voice online. If your website and your Facebook page sound like two different worlds, candidates won’t be impressed. Make sure that your online voice is genuine, friendly, and approachable. And make sure it lines up across all of your social media channels.  

You Must Share Great Content 

Remember that the entire point of social media is to connect with your audience through content. So, your content should be great! The great thing about social media is that you’re able to craft a story through visual means — that involves sharing photos and videos across your social media platforms that engage with your audience. Try sharing behind-the-scenes content that showcases the positive company culture you work so hard to maintain. 

You Must Be Highly Responsive 

Part of what makes your company culture great is being open and receptive to the needs of your employees. Translate that into the social media world by being highly responsive in the digital space. Make sure that your social media team is on top of any and all comments or messages that you receive online. Generally, the rule of thumb to follow is that you should be responding to comments or messages within a few hours of them being posted. Make sure that your online communication isn’t just timely, but respectful, personable, and helpful.  

You Must Choose the Right Outlets 

It’s important to realize that you don’t need to use all of the social media outlets out there. For starters, let’s narrow it down to the “big four”: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a good choice since it’s oriented in the business world, but you’ll probably want to include Facebook as well — businesses without a Facebook in today’s day and age seem outdated. Whether or not you develop an Instagram or Twitter presence for your business is up to your discretion.  

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