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Recruiting America’s Finest: Welcoming Veterans Back Into the Workforce

There’s no question that military veterans offer something to the American workforce. These individuals, precisely because of their time in the armed forces, possess the technical, professional, and interpersonal skills needed to be successful in the workplace. And employers can capitalize on that by making their organizations veteran-friendly and understanding how military experience can transfer to the civilian workplace.  

Business Benefits of Hiring Veterans

The skillsets and experience of veterans contribute directly to an organization’s operations and growth. These individuals are disciplined hard workers, and they’ve been trained to accomplish their goals at almost any cost. And they know how to do that while working as a part of a team. 

There is also another great benefit for your business when it comes to hiring veterans: tax credits. Organizations that hire veterans may qualify for tax credits under incentives like the Returning Heroes Tax Credit or The Wounded Warriors Tax Credit. In some cases, these tax incentives can save your business thousands and thousands of dollars per year.  

Cultural Benefits of Hiring Veterans

Hiring veterans will also bolster your company’s reputation and brand in your community. Since unemployment among veterans is unfortunately high, employing veterans is considered by many to be a key social responsibility. And make no mistake: hiring veterans can directly help your organization to generate more business as customers demonstrate loyalty because of that hiring.  

Internally, hiring veterans can improve your company culture. These individuals are team players, and many are natural leaders. They’re also highly adaptable, which is extremely valuable in your fast-paced, ever-changing work environment. Don’t underestimate the impact that a veteran can have as a part of your office’s team. 

Challenges of Hiring Veterans

Hiring veterans doesn’t come without its challenges. First of all, organizations are not always set up to properly help a veteran transition from military life into the civilian workforce. And it’s not always easy for a veteran to understand how their military experience translates into the private job market. For recruiters, it can be harder to find veterans to hire in the first place, since their networks consist mainly of former or current military personnel and the veterans themselves might not be familiar with current hiring methods, like social media advertisement and job boards.  

Make an effort at your company to create a veteran-friendly culture. This means training your existing staff on negative veteran stereotypes and how the unique skills and experience of a veteran can benefit the company. And the HR department should provide support to the veteran hire themselves as they transition into the civilian workplace. 

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