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Which Tech Tools Are Beneficial for Administrative Professionals?

Tech tools help administrative professionals fulfill their job duties and responsibilities. These tools increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the office team.

Using calendar software, communication applications, and other tech tools helps administrative professionals quickly complete their tasks. Then, these professionals have additional time to handle higher-level activities.

Discover which tech tools are beneficial for administrative professionals.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar lets administrative professionals invite employees to events inside or outside the company. Invitees can add these events to their calendars.

Different calendars can be used to simplify scheduling and meeting management. These calendars integrate with Gmail, Google Drive, and similar productivity tools.


Calendly lets administrative professionals schedule conferences, online one-to-one meetings, interviews, and personal appointments. The professionals set the options for availability and share the link to use the app.

After a user selects a time slot, Calendly organizes the event. The app also syncs time zones, controls daily event limitations, and establishes minimum schedule notifications.

Call Please

Call Please provides cloud-based call routing and a centralized location for call history, contact details, and recorded messages. Users can assign phone tasks to team members, classify calls, and create callback reminders.


Slack provides channels, threads, mentions, and direct messages for employees to communicate. This tool helps administrative professionals quickly send and receive messages to support job functions.


Trello is used for project planning, organization, and time management. Administrative professionals can add labels, attachments, checklists, and due dates to cards to help with project and task management.


Grammarly is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered writing tool that proofreads text and makes recommendations. This tool identifies spelling and grammatical errors and provides ideas for writing styles and tones for stronger, clearer, shorter sentences. Grammarly integrates with word processing, email, and social networking platforms for proficiency.


Expensify lets employees input receipt images and register miles for reimbursements. Also, receipts from Uber, HotelTonight, and other apps can be directly imported for reimbursement.

Expensify notifies users of missing items or reimbursement issues. The app also helps administrative professionals manage company expenses online.


QuickBooks helps administrative professionals fulfill bookkeeping and budgeting responsibilities. The professionals can keep track of purchases, record expenses, and track revenue.

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