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3 Skills Dallas Employers Are Looking for in Admin Candidates

As an administrative assistant, you are responsible for maintaining a positive office culture. This helps attract, engage, and retain the best talent.

You also may take on many front-line strategic functions that used to be handled by HR or operations staff. This might include onboarding new hires or planning events.

Your overall duty is to keep things running smoothly. This requires performing at a high level under all circumstances. As a result, you need various skills to succeed in your role.

When searching for a new admin job this year, there are certain skills you should emphasize. This helps you stand out from the competition and show you have the qualifications employer are looking for.

Be sure to emphasize these three skills throughout your search for a new admin job in Dallas.

1. Foresight

As a top administrative assistant, you know what to do without being asked. You anticipate potential problems and solutions and prepare to handle them if needed. This helps make you indispensable to an employer.

If your role involves making an executive’s job easier, you pay attention to detail. This helps ensure things are done correctly the first time.

You also strive to stay one step ahead of your boss. This may include taking care of reservations when you see an event marked on their calendar. Being proactive helps you stand out for your employer.

2. Etiquette

In your role as an administrative assistant, you interact with people every day. This includes employees at every level.

You may serve as the gatekeeper for a department or executive. You likely handle incoming calls, reach out to vendors, and speak with high-level executives at other companies.

These are reasons why displaying proper etiquette is important. Your ability to act appropriately under challenging circumstances is imperative to your success.

Part of interacting appropriately involves listening when others speak. You must pay attention to the words, tone, and body language to interpret what is not being said. Then, you need to interpret the information and respond accordingly.

3. Adaptability

In your position as an administrative assistant, your tasks can change quickly. You often have to stop what you are doing and begin working on an unrelated project.

For instance, your boss may let you know they spontaneously are taking a trip that will keep them away for the next two weeks. This means you immediately must communicate the absence with the relevant people to clear your boss’s schedule.

Your ability to react quickly is important. When your boss asks for something to be done, you need to stop what you are doing and handle the issue. When you are done, you can resume what you previously were doing.

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