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Global Leadership Summit: High Profile Highlights

Several members of our team attended the 2022 Global Leadership Summit recently and have some incredible highlights to share. This year’s theme was “Voice Your Vision.”


We selected 5 of our favorite speakers, which was very difficult since they were many great ones!

Craig Groeschel,
Host, Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast, Founder & Senior Pastor of Life Church, New York Times Best–Selling Author

He and his team studied the ‘IT’ factor that  great leaders have and found that there were many contradictory qualities of “IT” leaders that work to offset each other:

These qualities are Confident/Humble; Driven/Healthy; Focused/Flexible; Optimistic/Realistic; Direct/Kind; Empowering/Controlling; Urgent/Patient. He focused on the extreme qualities of leaders and how they are NOT well-rounded. Craig mentioned that greatness is found in the extremes. These are contradictory leadership qualities that together create a synergy of leadership impact.

‘Be extreme. Don’t let someone talk you into being average!’

Vanessa Van Edwards,
Founder & Lead Behavioral Investigator, Science of People, Internationally Acclaimed Speaker, Bestselling Author of ‘Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People, which has been translated into 16 languages. Over 36 million people have seen her YouTube and her viral Ted Talk.

Great leaders are effective because they focus on building connections and rapport with others. Instead of asking ‘Level 1’ questions like ‘How are you? Where are you from? What about this weather? ’, they ask

questions that give energy, create excitement and build a deeper connection. Science has proven that when we are asked engaging questions it produces dopamine in our brains which is memorable, pleasurable and motivating to us. Great leaders remember what others around them care about, the ‘light up moments” and ask about those when interacting. They ask different levels of questions than the norm.

Examples of  Level 2 Questions:

  • What was the highlight of your day?
  • What personal passion project are you working on?
  • Is anything important coming up?
  • What’s your story?

Dr. Heidi Grant,
Director of Research & Development, EY Americas Learning, Social Psychologist & Science of Leadership Expert

Leaders must focus on having a growth mindset over a fixed mindset. Encourage others to have a growth mindset by drawing attention to your own mistakes, sharing stories of your past challenges, and discussing progress.

Focus on making Progress – Rule of 3

  • Where were you?
  •  Where are you now?
  •  Where do you want to be?

Jon Acuff,
Leadership Expert, Inc top 100 Leadership Speaker, New York Times Bestselling Author of seven books including his latest release ‘Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking’

Our repetitive thoughts are like a continuous soundtrack in our minds. When you change the soundtrack, you change everything. Overthinking is the most expensive thing in business. Overthinking gets in the way of progress. Retire the broken soundtracks in your mind and replace them with new and repeat them.

Analyze the soundtracks you are listening to and ask: Is it true? Is it helpful? And Is it kind?

Johnny C. Taylor,
President-CEO of SHRM, Society Of Human Resource Management.  Author of Reset: A Leader’s Guide to Work IN an Age of Upheaval

Reset ourselves and lead with empathy. He stated that we’re in a current cultural crisis where there is an increase in apathy and a decrease in empathy. Empathy is a muscle that needs to be used. He said that we need to “ take the random out of acts of kindness”. He stated we need to listen more and listen better as leaders- try to understand where they are and what their realities are and meet them there. Engage in discussion, not debate, listen deep and NOT listen to respond, and celebrate each other- RESET!

We’ve had the privilege to attend this leadership conference for the past seven years and always learn new empowering ideas, and walk away with stronger teams, and clearer directions.

The GLS motto is ‘Everyone has influence and the opportunity to ignite positive transformation wherever they are.’ GLS is translated into 55+ languages and live cast into 110 countries, host sites all over the world including dozens of prisons.

Join us on August 3-4, 2023! #GLS23 You won’t want to miss it – get your tickets today!