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Do Your Employees Feel Stressed Because They Think They Should?

Many people, especially in the younger generation, graduated from college during the Great Recession when career opportunities were scarce. With high student loans and lingering concerns about high unemployment rates, excelling in careers is a top goal – even to the point where staff members are skipping vacations they’re entitled to because they want to be work martyrs and seem irreplaceable.

Millennial employees, and workers of all ages, are inundated with the idea they should be busy all the time to be successful, and many come to associate feeling stressed at work with doing well in their careers. Unfortunately, high levels of workplace stress can backfire and make employees less productive and less likely to get promoted.

Your company can help staff members keep stress levels lower so they can stay healthy and get more done at work. Some tips to help staff members manage and avoid stress include:

  • Leading by example: Managers who stay until 8 p.m. and don’t take vacations typically end up with employees who feel they must do the same. If your company wants to create a low-stress culture where staff members feel they can have a work/life balance, encourage even higher-up executives to lead by example.
  • Setting clear expectations and providing regular feedback: Stress can often come from feeling it’s important to always be doing more. If you let employees know exactly what is expected and provide them with regular guidance on how well they are meeting expectations, they will be less worried about whether they’re doing what they need to keep their jobs. This brings stress levels way down.
  • Encouraging fun and camaraderie in the workplace: Employees tend to be happier at work if they have friendly relationships with co-workers. Provide some low-key time for staff to bond.
  • Providing opportunities for building a work/life balance: If you can allow staff members to work from home on some days or let staff make their own flexible schedules, you’ll make it much easier for your workers to manage their lives and will naturally bring stress levels way down.

Having a productive, successful staff made up of people who can manage stress well is going to be a big benefit for your business. High Profile can help you hire workers who will exceed your expectations because they’re great at time management and they don’t let stress get the best of them. To find out more about how we can help your business with hiring in Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas, give us a call at 972-991-7900 or contact us online today.