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Are You Listening to These Top Administrative and Executive Assistant Podcasts?

As an administrative or executive assistant, you regularly look for ways to enhance your knowledge, skills, and experience. You understand that professional development contributes to reaching the next step in your career path.

Part of your professional development should include listening to the top administrative and executive assistant podcasts. Applying what you learn can help elevate your performance and develop your career.

Choose among these top administrative and executive assistant podcasts to listen to.

The Leader Assistant Podcast

Hosted by Jeremy Burrows, an experienced executive assistant and author, The Leader Assistant Podcast provides practical, inspirational advice for assistants to become more confident in their work. The topics include productivity, time management, resisting burnout, leadership, and artificial intelligence in relation to the future of the assistant position.

The Whole Assistant Podcast  

Hosted by Annie Croner, an assistant and certified coach, The Whole Assistant Podcast provides advice for other assistants to stand in their power and achieve success while avoiding overwhelm and burnout.

Courageous Help

Hosted by Natalie Turner, former Executive Assistant to the CEO and President of Base and certified leadership coach, Courageous Help explores how current and former assistants are impacting global business practices, forming new career paths, and more.

REACH – A Podcast for Executive Assistants

Hosted by Jessica Vann, founder and CEO of Maven Recruiting Group, REACH – A Podcast for Executive Assistants encourages assistants to strive for excellence and reach the next stage in their careers. Each episode provides insight from executive assistants who work for Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley venture capital firms, tech companies, or startups.

Exceptional Admins

Hosted by Hilani Ellis, a retired executive assistant turned specialized partner, Exceptional Admins collaborates with administrative and executive assistants, executives, and influencers to create content around being an exceptional assistant.

The Assistants Together Podcast

Hosted by Henrietta Barker, an experienced recruiter for administrative talent, The Assistants Together Podcast lets assistants and industry leaders share inspiring stories of survival and success.

The Ambitious Admin

Hosted by Anna MacDonald, an assistant with over 13 years of experience, mentor, and course creator, The Ambitious Admin shares advice for assistants to proactively approach their skill development and confidently bring their authentic, dynamic, powerful selves to work. Assistants gain guidance, support, and a safe space where they feel heard, understood, and appreciated.

Be the Ultimate Assistant Podcast

Hosted by international speakers and trainers Bonnie Low-Kramen and Vickie Sokol Evans, Be the Ultimate Assistant Podcast discusses issues affecting executive assistants, personal assistants, and their executives and teams.

EA & PA Chataway with Lindsay

Hosted by Lindsay Taylor, Founder and Director of Your Excellency Limited, EA & PA Chataway with Lindsay features inspirational executive assistants, personal assistants, and industry leaders in the administrative professional community.

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