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How to Demonstrate ROI Through Your Application

Your application is a critical factor in a hiring manager picking up the phone and giving you a call. Essentially, it’s your first impression with the potential employer. With today’s workforce being as competitive as it is, your resume needs to be so much more than a list of prior work history. Hiring managers know when they’re looking at a resume full of buzzwords that have no real meat behind them. To successfully communicate your message, our team at High Profile has developed this post on how to demonstrate ROI through your application.

It may not always be easy to determine ROI, but it is possible. For example, do you do more than one type of task in your current position? If so, show how it has benefited your company. An example of this would be, “By successfully taking on additional tasks, I eliminated the need to hire a new employee with estimated $35K in annual savings.” Not only does this show potential employers that you are able to take on more work, it shows them (in dollars) the savings you created. All employers want to save money, so showing savings whenever possible definitely attracts attention.

Another way to demonstrate ROI on your resume is through your direct impact on profit. You might be thinking, “I’m not in sales, how can I show my impact on profit?” Well, there are ways to do so! Look at the value of your work and how it relates to your employer. For example, say you are in a technology position and you recently implemented new software across the company. Show the improvements that were made by this new technology and how it saved your company money. For example, “Implemented new software that improved employee efficiency by 15 percent, with an expected $100K in savings.”

Showing ROI on your resume shows employers your potential worth. If you’re ready to land the job of your dreams, contact one of our experienced recruiters today. We’ll help you tailor your resume and find the job that’s right for you!