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Hiring is Becoming Harder – How a Staffing Firm Can Help

With the job market recovering and the economy on the rise, many job seekers out there who have been struggling are finally finding the work they want and need. While this is great for candidates and employees, it makes the hiring process more challenging for companies, especially start-ups and small businesses who may not be able to offer the same salary and benefits packages as larger corporations.

Enter in the staffing firm.

The escalating costs of conducting your own hiring process can be counteracted by the savings and advantages of partnering with a staffing firm. Need an extra hand to help with workforce management? We’ve got it. Too busy to conduct a lengthy hiring process? Staffing agencies can help here, too. Want extra assistance with payroll or special projects? We can do that, too. Here’s how:

An HR department right there when you need it.

Staffing firms can double as your HR team. Instead of hiring several full-time human resources professionals – which requires salaries, benefits and other expenses – use a staffing firm to both speed up and save money on the hiring process.

A talent pool swimming with potential.

Staffing firms have connections to a plethora of candidates who have loads of experience in your industry. This saves you and your current employees time and money on training new hires and allows you to fill positions quickly.

Avoid paying hefty overtime fees.

You can save on overtime by hiring temporary employees to work on special projects or routine assignments. They can even tackle the day-to-day operations while your permanent staff focuses on new initiatives, developing strategies or acquiring new clients. Get maximum productivity from your current staff.

Extra hands when you need them most.

You can ramp up your profits during the busy season by partnering with a staffing firm. Small businesses especially can take advantage of the temporary workers, payroll services and human resource opportunities offered by a staffing firm.

Save on advertising.

Since you don’t have to market for the open position, businesses can save tons on advertising by partnering with a staffing firm.  Some firms also routinely conduct drug tests, background checks and other pre-screening measures so you don’t have to.

High Profile Staffing can help.

We provide businesses just like yours with solid staffing solutions:

Contract:  Need an extra hand for a special project or to fill a seat while someone is on vacation? Our contract candidates are experienced, and perhaps specifically in your industry, so they come in with the knowledge and skills you need to never miss a beat.

Contract-to-Hire: As long as the option is available, why not try before you buy? You can test-drive a potential employee to see if they are the right fit for your team before you permanently commit.

Direct Hire: Let us be your specialized HR department. We pre-screen our candidates so we fully understand their knowledge and experience.

Do any of these options sound like the solution to your staffing needs? Grow with High Profile Staffing. Give us a call or email today and discover the many ways you can save time and money and boost profits by partnering with one of the leading staffing firms in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.