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Is Your Interview Process Costing You Top Talent?

You don’t have to run a Fortune 500 company to attract industry-leading, top tier talent. Your company can attract game-changing talent with a strategic interviewing and hiring process. Developing a hiring process that moves forward without stalling will help deliver the resumes of motivated, highly qualified candidates right into the hands of your HR department.

At High Profile Staffing, we know that Dallas Forth Worth businesses want the best workers in your industry. Knowledgeable accounting professionals, skilled administrative assistants and talented human resources employees are in high demand. During the time between posting the opening and submitting the offer, other companies could be pursuing these candidates. Don’t lose your ideal employee because your hiring process is too complex and time consuming. Here are a few tips to avoid losing top talent to a long interview process.

Outsource Your Workforce

When you outsource your contract workers, you get hardworking, reliable employees without high costs. Instead of hiring a whole new department to take on a new project, you can outsource a skilled professional.

Focus on Customer Service

Slow hiring won’t just influence the applicants, it can also decrease confidence among your clients and customers. Your brand can suffer because your productivity decreases and customer service wavers.

Create a Hiring Committee

To prevent lags in the candidate search, consider creating an interdepartmental search committee to keep things moving forward. Set deadlines and record milestones to keep the search on point.

Keep in Touch

Stay connected to top candidates during the interview process. Send regular emails or phone calls to let them know that the position is still open and they are near the top of the list. Regular communication keeps them interested and engaged.

Write a Clear Job Description

Top tier candidates will have a better sense of whether or not they’re a good fit for your company if you write a clear and descriptive job description. They’ll also know from the get-go if they’re qualified to apply for a job, and you’ll be more likely to notice when someone meets all of your requirements.

Hiring is a Competition

Other companies are also hunting for the best workers in the field. A slow interviewing process means you could lose the ideal candidate to another employer. Keep the hiring process efficient, effective and swift, because, if you don’t, the competition will take this top talent off the market before you have the time to make a hiring decision.

Sometimes a growing company can benefit from outsourcing contract employees and, other times, new direct hire employees are needed. You can have access to both at High Profile Staffing. Our employment opportunities bring staffing solutions that can boost your profits and productivity. Contact us today and get the support you need to achieve your business goals.