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Do You Use These AI-Based Tools in Your Administrative Role?

You likely use artificial intelligence (AI)-based tools in your administrative role. Leveraging these tools helps you streamline business processes to increase efficiency and productivity.

The AI-based tools you use in your administrative role depend on your job duties and the desired benefits. Research and experimentation can help you find the best tools for you and your role.

Learn about 10 AI-based tools that can benefit your administrative role.

1. Clockwise

Clockwise is a platform that supports time management, efficiency, and productivity. You and your team can synchronize calendars, schedule meetings and events, and organize daily and weekly time blocks. You also can receive analytics on how productive you and your team members are and how each individual spends their time at work.

2. Murf

Murf is an AI-based text-speech generator. You can customize the speed, volume, pitch, pronunciation, and more.

3. Speechify

Speechify transforms text into natural, human-sounding speech. You can turn emails, PDFs, and documents into audio to listen to and share with colleagues and coworkers.

4. is an AI-based voice generator and text-to-speech app. The platform produces human-like voices that discuss topics such as banking, education, gaming, and news.

5. Fireflies

Fireflies is a meeting assistant that records and transcribes meetings, calls, and audio files. You can search for and narrow down topics to minimize the time needed to review a meeting.

6. Anyword

Anyword is an AI-based copywriting tool. The platform helps create blog posts, advertisements, landing pages, emails, and more.

7. Jasper

Jasper is an AI-based writing assistant. The platform helps create, AI-generated templates, blog posts, email drafts, marketing copy, and more.

8. crafts introductions for blog posts to demonstrate experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. These criteria help the posts rank high on search engine results pages. Higher rank leads to greater click-through rates and conversions for increased revenue.

9. Pictory

Pictory is a video generator that lets you edit, create, and design high-quality videos. You can make highlight reels, trailers, short social media clips, and more.

10. Tidio

Tidio is an AI-based chatbot that integrates into your company’s website. Your organization can chat with and help customers in real time.

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