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Does Your Benefits Package Include Childcare Assistance for Working Parents?

Many working parents are looking for jobs with benefits packages that include childcare assistance. According to the KinderCare 2022 Parent Confidence Report, 68% of working parents believe employers should offset the cost of childcare for their employees. Also, 81% of working parents find a company’s childcare benefits important in their job consideration process.

Due to increasing demand, many employers include childcare assistance for working parents in employee benefits packages. These benefits help increase employee attraction and retention.

Learn why more working parents want their employee benefits package to include childcare assistance.

Uncertainty About Child Care

Most parents spent more time with their children during the coronavirus pandemic than before the pandemic. As a result, parents want to be more present in their children’s lives.

The Parent Confidence report found that 69% of working parents leverage their job flexibility to be more present with their children. A primary factor was uncertainty about the safety of sending their children to childcare programs or school.

High Parental Stress Levels

Many parents felt overwhelmed balancing full-time jobs, social obligations, and parenting during the pandemic. According to the survey, 59% of working parents reported their stress levels being at an all-time high while parenting during the pandemic. Many of these stressors continue to impact working parents.

Concern About Children’s Mental Health

Many working parents are concerned about how their children are handling the aftereffects of the coronavirus pandemic. The survey found that 80% of working parents believed mental health support should be part of school curriculums going forward. Until this support exists, parents require childcare benefits to make accommodations to handle their children’s mental health issues.

Need to Support Working Parents

Working parents require childcare assistance to hold down full-time jobs and care for their children. Gaining employer support helps reduce working parent stress for improved outcomes at work and home.

Discussing Your Childcare Needs with Your Employer

If you lack childcare assistance in your employee benefits package, talk with your employer about adding it. Include what your specific needs are and how other employees’ needs likely differ based on their children’s ages.

For instance, whereas you might desire daycare for your toddler, another employee might desire schedule flexibility to accommodate their teenager’s extracurricular activities. Therefore, some employees might want childcare tuition subsidies while others want the ability to set their schedules.

Are You Looking for a Job That Offers Childcare Assistance?

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