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How to Choose Between Two Highly Qualified Candidates

It’s a situation every job recruiter or hiring manager will probably have to face at one time or another — choosing between two stellar, highly qualified candidates for the same position. It can be agonizing to wonder if you’re making the right choice or throwing a star employee away. Here are five considerations that can help you make the best decision:

Use a Test

Test projects or sample tasks can come in handy when you’re trying to choose between two qualified candidates for the same job. Tests let you look beyond what’s on the job seekers’ resumes and evaluate their skills in the real world — impressing in an interview and acing a real-world test are two very different things!

Consider the Culture

Even if two job candidates’ qualifications, education, and experience are the same, their personalities are bound to be different. Consider each candidate’s culture fit within your organization. The most qualified candidate in the world won’t do your company much good if they’re impossible to get along with and cause nothing but trouble.

Think About Your Company’s Future

Both of your candidates might seem ideal in the present. It’s important, though, to consider the future as well. Perhaps one candidate has a unique skill set in a particular area you know your company will be moving toward in the future. Maybe one candidate has a history of moving from job to job every year, while the other stays in one place more consistently — you’ll want to choose the candidate who is likely to benefit your company in the future.

Make it a Business Decision

Sometimes, choosing between two qualified candidates simply comes down to money. If you really can’t choose based on anything else, make it a business decision — pick the candidate who accepts a lower wage, and you’ll be saving your business money in the long run.

Trust Your Instincts

If you have a better feeling about one particular candidate, go with that one. Remember: You’re in charge of hiring employees for a reason. Your instincts are usually correct.

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