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How to Show Off Your Company Culture

Your company has a great culture — a positive work environment, opportunities for advancement, and a stellar team of friendly professionals all play a role. Your company’s culture is actually a powerful recruitment tool for job seekers, and it’s important that you use it to your advantage! Here are several ways to show off your company culture.

Post on Social Media

In today’s world, you have an enormous platform for showing off your company culture right at your fingertips: social media. Posting plenty of content across the most popular social media outlets — Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — is a great way to get your name out there while showcasing your business’s personality at the same time. Try posting pictures of company events or highlighting employees’ successes on your social pages, because job seekers will often explore your company’s social media presence before an interview.

Make Videos

Did you know that videos get far more engagement on social media, and online in general, than pictures alone? Harnessing the power of video is a great way to show off your company culture to anyone who is watching. Videos are prime content for your social media channels, and they can also be added to your company’s website. Make a video tour of your facility, showcasing employees as you go, or take a quick video at the company picnic. Behind-the-scenes content like this makes all the difference!

State Your Values Clearly

So much of your company culture stems directly from your values. That’s why it’s important to state them clearly, where everyone — including potential job candidates — can see them. Make your mission statement crystal-clear and easy to find on your website and social media pages. Include company values and the mission statement on your company’s job applications and promotional materials.

Get Personal

Another great way to show off your company culture is to showcase the people that make it what it is. Depending on the size of your company, your website can have a “meet the team” page with short biographies of all staff members. If that’s not possible, showcase individuals with a quick interview and a photo on social media. You can even post video interviews for that extra-personal touch.

Don’t let your company’s top-notch culture go to waste. Use it to your advantage to attract the best job candidates! For help finding and hiring the best talent that your area has to offer, contact the experts at High Profile by visiting us online or calling 972-991-7900.