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How to Show Appreciation for Your Team This Holiday Season

Your team deserves appreciation for working hard this year, maybe more than any year prior. It’s safe to say that 2020 gave us a lot of ups and downs, and your team navigated it deftly and came out on top. They deserve recognition for that effort.  

Let’s take a look at some ways to show your team that you care as the holiday season approaches: 

Arrange rewards. 

Nothing speaks to a job well done like a reward. This holiday season, consider giving your employees a reward of some kind to show your appreciation for all they’ve done this year. The reward could take the form of a gift card, a small present, movie tickets, coupons or vouchers, or lottery tickets, just to give a few examples. You can include a hand-written note expressing how much you appreciate the effort your team has given — that will make a lasting impression. 

Offer extra time off.  

Sometimes, the best way to show your employees that they’ve done a great job at work is to give them some time away from the office. Consider including a few extra hours of paid time off or a free day during the holidays. Your team members could definitely use it. You can even designate a few days here and there as work-at-home days if your team isn’t doing so already.  

Express gratitude on social media.  

A private expression of gratitude amongst your team members is one thing. But public recognition is entirely another. When you post on your social media pages or add a note to your website recognizing individual team members or a particular team as a whole, it sends a clear message that what your team has done is valued. They’ll remember that.  

Host a holiday party. 

You could have a holiday office party that doubles as a reward for your team. Everyone likes to be fed, especially when it’s free — don’t forget the pizza and sweet treats. And it gives your team a chance to unwind and bond with each other over something more than work. That makes for a strong, satisfied team going into the New Year.  

Whatever you do, don’t let your team’s hard work go unnoticed. And remember to do the simplest part of all: say a sincere and heartfelt “thank you.” It goes a long way! 

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