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Is Your Accounting and Finance Team Using These AI-Based Tools?

Many accounting and finance teams use artificial intelligence (AI)-based tools to automate repetitive tasks. These tools help save time and money and improve business performance.

AI-based accounting and finance tools assist with calculations, process regulation, and tax compliance for improved financial operations. The benefits include:

  • Fast invoice processing
  • Highly accurate financial reports
  • Financial data analysis
  • Real-time insights and alerts
  • Data prediction
  • Scalability

Discover the top AI-based tools that could benefit your accounting and finance team. extracts information from invoices to streamline the accounts payable process. This seamless integration lets you save time, avoid duplicates, and increase your return on investment (ROI).


Docyt is cloud-based accounting and automation software that provides bookkeeping for real-time visibility into your revenue, expenses, and profitability. Your team can collaborate and share financial insights internally and with clients at any time.

Blue Dot

Blue Dot is a tax compliance platform that helps you understand employee financial transactions and prepare for audits. The platform uses digitization, tax compliance, and automation to process and analyze employee spending data for value-added tax, taxable employee benefits, and corporate income tax. provides bookkeeping and financial modeling services for a precise, accurate, faster monthly close. The cloud-based software offers automated invoicing, cash flow forecasting and budgeting tools, and customizable dashboards to track performance metrics. uses automation to fix uncategorized transactions and coding errors and better communicate with your clients. Use real-time document data extraction for invoices, bills, and receipts to process transactions faster.


Gridlex’s accounting, expenses, and enterprise resource platform (ERP) software lets you run your accounting, expense management, and ERP functions in customizable software. Automate calculations such as revenue, expenses, and profitability to save time and ensure accuracy.


Zeni automates accounting and bookkeeping for accurate financial data, impactful insights, and informed decision-making. Uncover and mitigate trends that could impact your operations.


Bill lets you automate client accounts payable and receivable, spend, and expense to maximize operational efficiency and growth. Use automatic syncs for fast, accurate reconciliation.


Nanonets lets you extract information from documents, emails, tickets, and databases and transform unstructured data into actionable insights. Optimize production, manage inventory, and predict future demand for fast delivery times.


Botkeeper automates bookkeeping for high capacity and accuracy with low resource consumption. You can better serve your clients, scale your customer base, and diversify your offerings.

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