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Need Help Deciding Which Administrative Career Is Best for You?

An administrative career involves providing support to a company’s management team. This promotes efficient business operations.

An administrative professional performs clerical tasks that develop transferrable skills. Common duties include answering phones and scheduling appointments and meetings. Other duties include greeting guests and sending and receiving correspondence.

Working in an administrative career prepares you for other careers in different industries in the future. This helps you make more strategic decisions about your career path.

Discover some insight into administrative careers to help determine which path may be right for you.

Office Administrator

An office administrator supervises an office’s administrative staff. This includes adherence to company policies, coordination of office activities, and maintenance of office supplies.

Office Manager

An office manager organizes an office’s administrative activities and streamlines operations. They organize meetings and company events, order supplies, and supervise the office staff.

Marketing Coordinator

A marketing coordinator stays current on industry trends and the company’s competitors. They also implement advertising campaigns, track sales data, and prepare reports.

Project Manager

A project manager leads a project and its planning sessions. They sign off on contracts, coordinate staff, and manage progress to meet deadlines.

Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative answers customer calls and questions about a company’s products or services. They also resolve customer issues, upgrade or cancel accounts, and help with exchanges, returns, and refunds.

Accounting Clerk

An accounting clerk collects and sorts invoices and checks. They also use accounting software to process business transactions, reconcile bank statements, and prepare reports.

Human Resources Coordinator

A human resources coordinator answers employee questions and updates employee records. They also help with the hiring process.

Operations Coordinator

An operations coordinator helps with human resource allocation and employee training. They also manage budgets and organize company events.

Executive Secretary

An executive secretary provides clerical and administrative support for an executive. This includes managing the executive’s schedule and travel, alerting them to meetings, and preparing correspondence.

Tips for Career Advancement  

  • Focus on your next step. Pay attention to the duties you enjoy. For instance, if you enjoy the customer contact you have through an administrative assistant role, you might pursue a customer service or sales position.
  • Develop the skills you need to advance. Research job descriptions to determine which role you want next. Then, begin developing the necessary skills for the position. You might accomplish this through stretch assignments, webinars, or online classes.
  • Emphasize your transferrable skills. Show in your cover letter and resume your ability to perform the work you desire. For instance, you may focus on the problem-solving skills and methods of showing empathy you gained as an administrative assistant to secure a customer service position. Include experiences where you successfully used these skills in other positions.
  • Partner with a staffing firm. A recruiter from a staffing firm can assess your skills and provide guidance for your administrative career. They also can connect you with positions that meet your goals.

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