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Should You Hire Underqualified Candidates?

Every company wants to make sure that the candidates they are hiring are going to be a success and an asset to the organization.  A staffing agency can help put qualified candidates in your path during the hiring process so you can find new hires who are ready to hit the ground running.  Sometimes, however, companies may find themselves faced with a choice: Should they hire an underqualified candidate?  The answer to this question depends upon a lot of different factors, but sometimes the answer is an unequivocal yes.

So, when should you make the choice to hire a candidate who may not be as qualified as you had hoped? Here are a few guidelines to help you decide if this decision is the right one:

  • Does the candidate have a lot of potential? If you meet with an energetic and excited candidate who is really eager to work for your business, you may want to overlook a lack of practical experience if the worker is trainable. You can bring on this new top talent and train him to be a success at your business. This can foster long-term loyalty and let you scoop up top talent before your competitors do.
  • Does the candidate bring unique skills to the table? The candidate may not have a lot of a particular type of experience that you were looking for, but may bring some new or innovative skills to your business that can allow the candidate to achieve success in other ways. An untested candidate with unique experiences could be a bigger asset to your company than someone who has the same talents as all your existing staff members do.
  • Is the candidate motivated? An underqualified candidate may be ready and willing to work even harder than a fully qualified candidate to learn the skills necessary for success at the job.

While it can sometimes make sense to hire underqualified candidates, there are certainly times that is does not.  High Profile Staffing is a trusted and experienced staffing agency that offers the staffing solutions you are looking for. Our staffing company will make sure that we connect you to the right candidates to fill open positions and help your business to succeed. Call 972-991-7900 now to learn more about how we can help your business to find the candidates you’ve been hoping for.