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What to Look for in an Administrative Support Candidate

When you are hiring administrative support staff, there are a few key skills you will need to look for during the hiring process to make sure you bring the right person on board.

While it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly which traits to prioritize in administrative candidates, the absolute must-haves for an administrative support professional typically include:

  • Strong organizational skills. Administrative assistants generally have a lot of balls to juggle and they must make sure no important work slips through the cracks while handling their day-to-day responsibilities. They also need to make certain that information other staff members need is accessible and easy to find. Having strong organizational skills enables them to do their own job well while also providing the necessary support to other team members to perform up to par.
  • Excellent communication skills. Administrative support professionals need solid listening skills so they can understand what is expected of them quickly with minimal explanation. They also need strong speaking skills in order to present important information in a clear, concise manner.  When hiring an administrative support candidate, it is critical they have the communication skills necessary to be effective in their role.  Ask for examples of how they’ve managed to effectively communicate with others in past positions.
  • Good attention to detail. Administrative support staff members are often asked to do a wide array of tasks as part of their daily work. Most of these tasks require strong attention to detail so that no mistakes are made. Look for someone who has an error-free resume and application materials and who can provide insight into how they have managed to focus on getting the details right when working in past positions.

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