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How Can You Help Employees Increase Job Satisfaction?

It is vitally important to keep staff members motivated so you can keep turnover low and productivity high. There are many ways managers can help staff members feel positive about the work they are doing. Improving job satisfaction and investing in your workers’ happiness can pay dividends, so follow these tips for ensuring that you have happy staff:

  • Provide specific praise. If an employee does something well, recognize their efforts. Be as specific as possible in your praise; don’t just offer generic platitudes. Make the praise public when you can. This not only makes the employee feel good, but also helps other staff members get a better idea of what you are expecting.
  • Allow employees input into how they do their work. Your employees know how they work best, and they’re more likely to be productive and happy if you give them leeway in doing their tasks in a way that works for them. An overly regimented workplace where employees have no input is likely to be stifling and frustrating and can kill staff motivation – try to avoid this unless your industry absolutely requires it for some reason.
  • Don’t micromanage. If employees feel their every decision will be questioned, they’re much less likely to jump in and take the reins on a project. Provide a little room for your employees to succeed on their own. You may be surprised when they exceed expectations.
  • Explain the reasoning behind decisions and processes. Workers are much more likely to feel invested in the success of a project if they understand why they are doing the tasks they’ve been assigned and if they know how the project can help the company succeed. You want each team member to feel they are playing an integral role and their job is important to the company’s success. If employees feel they are truly making contributions, they’re much more likely to believe their job is meaningful. This is key to enjoying a job and staying motivated.

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