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Get Your Team to Take Charge

As a manager, it can be frustrating if your staff members consult you on every little decision that must be made. While you want to weigh in on the big stuff, if you can help your team to develop a take-charge attitude, everyone can get more done.

Encouraging workers to take on a leadership role and guide their own work can be challenging, but there are some steps you can take to succeed. For example, some ways you can get your team to take charge include:

  • Recognizing and praising proactivity. If you want staff members to take the lead, you need to reward this behavior. That means any time someone takes initiative or makes suggestions to address issues, you should provide specific praise. You can provide this positive feedback both publicly and privately and be sure to specifically commend the employee for taking on a leadership role. That staff member will be encouraged and others on the team will also start taking charge, so they too can earn praise.
  • Providing guidance on when your team has leeway to act. While you want your staff to take the lead on some things, there may be other decisions that have to be made at the top. If your staff clearly knows how far their independence and autonomy stretches when it comes to making decisions, they are much more likely to lead when you want them to because they won’t have to fear overstepping their bounds.
  • Taking a hands-off approach towards helping staff members find solutions to problems. If you want staff members to get in the habit of resolving issues on their own, guide them through the process. Next time someone on your team comes to you to fix an issue, solicit their suggestions on approaches they could take or ways they could resolve the problems on their own.

High Profile can also help you hire a team full of go-getters who will be eager to take on any responsibilities they can for guiding the company to success. For help hiring talented take-charge staff members in Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas, give us a call today at 972-991-7900 or contact us online.