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How Staffing Has Changed in 30 Years, Part I

For 30 years, High Profile Staffing has been helping job seekers and companies in Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas.

Our staffing service, which first began operations in 1987, has evolved and modernized as the staffing industry has changed. We have continued to innovate and improve so we can always provide the type of professional assistance necessary to match qualified candidates with companies looking for the very best talent.

As we celebrate 30 years of helping job candidates and companies take their success to the next level, we look back at the history of staffing to highlight how recruiting has changed:

Staffing services have changed the labor force

In 1990, more than a million workers were employed in the temporary help services industry. By 2000, 2.7 million workers were in the temporary service industry. Today, more than three million temporary and contract employees work for staffing companies throughout the country.

Bureau of Labor Statistics data attributes this rapid increase in temporary workers in part to “staffing firms” who “introduced new technologies for matching employees to jobs and expanded the services offered to clients to include more training.”

It is this ability to effectively match employees to jobs that are perfect for them which excites many recruiters and professionals who have been with High Profile Staffing for decades.

As Shawnda Parker, PHR, a Recruiter for High Profile said: “There’s nothing better than hearing the sound of excitement – from a client and a candidate – when you make the match, and knowing that you’ve made a difference! And, when someone cries with joy, it just melts my heart!”

Technology has changed the way staffing services match companies and job candidates

Bronwyn Allen, CEO & President of High Profile, said top tools and resources when the staffing service started were “the telephone, a good pen and a paper notebook.” There weren’t even cell phones back then.

Career fairs, newspapers and flyers posted at colleges, apartments and secretarial schools were the go-to ways to find job seekers.

Shawnda Parker said her top tools when she started included: “a proprietary CRM where I input information after I gathered business cards or information from my cold calling. From there, we could print what we called our “Road Book” which included pertinent information from all the clients/prospects in our territories. I also had a notebook that I created with tabs for each client/prospect and I put all my notes in there as well.”

Today, recruiting no longer involves hitting the pavement or posting flyers. The way in which connections are made and data is handled has changed dramatically.

Jacqueline Maye, another recruiter, explains that faxing resumes and putting ads in newspapers are trends that have faded away while internal databases, along with online job-search sites, have become commonly used tools.

The internet, online job boards and email have permanently altered the way people look for work. Jennifer Hamilton, PHR, Director of Recruiting for High Profile, also credits social media with reshaping the staffing industry. Parker says LinkedIn in particular has had an impact in ways other online tools can’t match.

The ways that people work have changed

Those who graduated from college between 1986 and 1990 averaged two job changes in their first 10 years out of college. Today, job hopping has become much more common and people change jobs more frequently. 

Often, job changes mean turning to staffing agencies to help find work. Half of the employees who work with staffing firms say their time with a staffing company has helped them land a permanent position, and 90 percent say staffing work increased their employability. 

Bronwyn Allen, CEO & President of High Profile, explains that it is this opportunity to help workers that has made her 29+ year career meaningful: “We get to impact lives, families and communities by helping others find beneficial jobs and careers that grow –each day!”

To get started with finding your next career with help from High Profile Staffing, give us a call at 972-991-7900 or contact us online today.


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