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The Future of Accounting: What Automation Means for Accounting

We’ve been hearing about how automation will ruin jobs for hard-working people for decades. And in some cases, it does happen. But how could automation affect the accounting industry? It might seem like the entire profession could be replaced by computers, even now. But the truth is automation isn’t likely to destroy the accounting industry — but it is likely to change it. Here’s how:

There may be fewer entry-level accounting jobs.

Automation won’t kill off the entire accounting industry, at least not anytime soon. The more immediate effect it might have is on entry-level jobs. Since automated computer systems can execute much of an accountant’s day-to-day tasks (like data entry), there may be less of a need for those entry-level roles moving forward. If you’re starting in the accounting field, it might be a little harder to land a job than it was, say, 20 years ago. But by gaining experience through internships, volunteering, freelancing, and other methods, you’ll greatly increase your experience and chances.

Accountants will be seen as the tech-savvy professionals they are.

There are all sorts of programs that can complete accounting tasks for companies and businesses. But someone still has to install, use, and monitor the software. Accountants will likely become seen less as number-crunchers and more tech-savvy individuals who manage the accounting software at a given facility. It’s you as the accountant, after all, who will be qualified to make sure the technology is doing what it’s supposed to do.

Accounting will become more big-picture.

Automation might take care of a lot of the low-level data entry and number-crunching that an accountant does. But that in and of itself will transform the profession. Accountants will thrive when they’re willing to take on more strategic advisory roles for their organizations. In this way, automation is actually beneficial for accountants. You don’t have to spend hours organizing the data. You’ll be free to analyze, think, and advise on the best financial strategies. Accountants will be more big-picture rather than getting bogged down in the minutia.

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