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Keeping Working Parents Sane – High Profile Edition: Tiffany Willis

Despite more businesses opening, some daycares and schools are still closed, leaving it up to parents to continue to work full-time jobs, watch and entertain children, teach them, help them with their homework…among many other things! High Profile’s “Project: Keep Working Parents Sane” checks in with a few working parents with young children. Here, they share their challenges, what’s working for them, and advice they have for other working parents.


We invited a few of our High Profile working parents to give their insight on the quarantine experience as full-time employees and parents!


Tiffany Willis, one of our Accounting and Finance recruiters, is mom to a sweet 3-year-old girl! She’s been with High Profile for 3.5 years and gave us the inside details of her and her family’s quarantine experience. Tiffany tells us what she’s appreciated during quarantine, what she misses about pre-COVID life, and how she and her family have adapted.


Q. What have you been grateful for during the pandemic?
A. The extra recreational time with my family.

Q. What do you miss most about pre-COVID life?
A. Listening to music during my commute, gym workouts, and dining at restaurants.


Q. What are you looking forward to about returning to normal?
Dining at restaurants, going to see a movie, and traveling.


Q. What has been the biggest change in your daily “work” routine?
Video meetings.


Q. What has been your biggest adjustment to working from home with young kids?
A. Sticking to a routine and incorporating my toddler’s schedule into mine and my husband’s. Instead of individual schedules, it’s more like one master schedule.  It was a task at first, but we slowly adjusted to our new normal.


Thank you to Tiffany for sharing her personal experiences during such an unprecedented and sometimes hectic time!